Holiday Leftovers

This christmas I received an odd yet meaningful gift from my husband: half a Jim Shore collectible Winter Angel mug. Yes, the top–the angel, was missing. I was genuinely happy upon it’s unveiling straight from the delivery box, styrofoam balls, packaging tape and all. As I tore the box open in anticipation, he said “It’s vintage” sweet thoughtfulness knowing that I’d appreciate all things with a vintage feel. I was pleasantly surprised to find a gift as simple as a mug. We agreed, “no big gifts this year” to route the funds in making our little wing’s first christmas a special one. While I do appreciate Jim Shore’s collection I have enough clutter as it is to even think of starting a menagerie of angels, or even mugs.

So. What to do with the mug? I have used it. In fact, I used it on Christmas morning and pretty much everyday since. Not the best mug I’ve used it all honesty (sorry, Love) BUT Perhaps there’s more to it than a chunk of green and beige ceramic riddled with mistletoes and snowy landscapes with a missing angel head. The thought behind it is the true gift that lingered beneath the brown flaps of my christmas box.

Love is not cerebral. Let’s start with that.

Not a definitive statement either but rather felt in the gut by instinct, down in the belly where the butterflies flutter about. My gut tells me this gift is full of it. Love. After all the reason he explains, he bought it, is because he was concerned that my morning coffee always went cold before I had the chance to finish it. And it always did. This winter angel, cut just above the waist has a smaller opening and will somewhat keep my drink warmer, longer.

Not that much longer.

But maybe…

It’s a lot like a marriage and love. It isn’t perfect. There are missing parts. But as a matter of perspective, something is kept warm and protected within it; cupped so to speak.
Everyday there is something new and fresh to take in, and when emptied, the prospect of filling it up stirs up possibility. There is always something to look forward to.

And as I hold it between my hands I remember what I hold sacred at this very moment. My family. My sweet, thoughtful husband. My bright-eyed, gurgly, kitty-kat, daughter. Love knows no warmth, warmer than that.

So you see, I got more than just a cup for Christmas.

Happy Holidays to everyone out there. Hope you’re embraced with warmth this season.

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