You Lost What!?!

I lost my wallet. Debit card, I.D. and six bucks. Wait–let’s take a step back for a moment. You see, while smitten by the very near sight of Tori Amos last July 13th for her SInful Attraction tour, my wallet fell out of my purse. You know, one of those little purse wallet flaps you bring on nights out without the fanfare of Sears photoshoots, cute pets, adorable children, receipts and other useless scraps of paper. If only we could blame inanimate things for human error. Purple flap wallet, having only six dollars, jumped off and out a small black purse Monday night, having found no reason to go on living. It took me days to discover that I had lost it. When I finally did, I called the Paramount Theater only to find that their box office (where they keep lost items) opens on Tuesdays. I had to wait it out through the weekend. Fortunately, I checked my bank account and my funds were still intact.

Tuesday: I called the theater and they said they had a wallet in the safe. I gave all the pertinent information needed and upon confirmation that it was mine, my husband and I drove stright to Oakland to pick it up. It took no more than a minute for them to give it back to me. I signed my name beside a short list of
helplessly muted, abandoned-without-knowing items that people have left behind. Though I’m very happy for getting back something I lost, I’m mostly thankful for not having to go through the inconvenience of procuring another I.D.

I’d like to thank the Paramount Theater’s staff and management for the excellent service they’ve rendered, and for even keeping my wallet; debit card, i.d, six bucks and all, safely under lock and key.

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2 Responses to You Lost What!?!

  1. Diana says:

    What a relief! I’m so happy you found your wallet, and your $6!

  2. Roncobilaccio says:

    this is
    the biggest
    stroke of luck

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