Welcome: Ears with Feet

In spite of recent disappointments and pitfalls, July 13th is fast approaching. In fact, it’s in two days! It’s one day that I’ve been looking forward to for years because for the FIRST time ever, I get to sit on the SECOND ROW of Tori Amos’ concert at the Paramount Theater in Oakland. After 17 long years of being a die-hard fan, I finally get a chance to see her up close. Real close.


As soon as I recieved my pre-ordered copy of Abnormally Attracted to Sin last May, I instantly dove into sound immersion as I do with most albums I anticipate with my fan favorite handful of artists and bands, new and old. No party shuffles here. I kick it old school and listen to the tracks in the order she meant for it to be heard. Listening to Tori’s new album is somewhat like deja vu. Getting sight of a familiar face in rush hour pedestrian traffic on a very cloudy day. Recognition is slightly a moment’s miss but there is that lingering tinge of a distant memory. You know you’ve met her. Somewhere. Before. And I have. On my third run of her album in full length, I was hooked. It has the sensitivity, emotion, and the vast musical landscape that bonds you to it’s tracks

Although critics haven’t been as kind to her as her Pele years, she has nonetheless evolved from years of silence to swirling in raspberries to bouncing off clouds and finally to her attraction to sin. I’ve read that seventeen tracks is too much to handle for a full length album. I say, there’s not enough of her music to be had. What would normally be sent off to B-sides has found its way past the velvet curtains for the pleasure of our perusal. Forget the critics. This is for her fans. You know who you are. Those who understand the relevance of what she has and always was bravely willing to convey. If I am indeed abnormally attracted to her new album, then to hell with it. Damned we be all for this sin.

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1 Response to Welcome: Ears with Feet

  1. Roncobilaccio says:

    I think she’s simple crazy
    that’s why I love her
    nothing more
    nothing less

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